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Prize Wheel Overview 

There’s power in purchasing one of the three supercharged prize wheels! It goes without saying that the more you spin, the more you win! They’re a worthy investment since they contribute to your stack of golden coins, which can be used to buy your favourite boosts from the Social Tournaments store. 

How to claim a Prize Wheel 

To purchase your Prize Wheel, you can do so by accessing the everyday Login reward system. Alternatively, you can buy them with coins earnt through various tournaments or loyalty rewards. 

There are three different variants of the Prize Wheels available: Rare, Epic, and Legendary. Each wheel depending upon the player’s selection, can contain several rewards, which vary from basic to epic! Expect anything from additional Coins to Tournament Tickets, lucky Lootboxes, or Free Cash Rewards. 

Additional Features 

There is the option to upgrade from wheel to wheel to unlock even greater rewards. This option only applies to the Rare and Epic Prize Wheels, both of which contain an “upgrade section.” If players land on the “upgrade section” of their chosen wheel, they will unlock the next version of the prize wheel. For example, Rare can transition to Epic, and Epic can transition into legendary; it is the third and most significant out of all wheels; this final upgrade can unlock a wide range of boosts, including cash prizes.



The Rare Prize Wheel

To claim a winning spin on the Rare Wheel, you must purchase it for 1,500 coins. You can win as many as 11,250 Coins, Golden Monthly Tournament Tickets, and Lootboxes. If you land your luck strike on the “upgrade” section of the wheel, you will be instantly upgraded to an Epic Wheel.  

Epic Prize Wheel

There are bigger and better rewards with the Epic Prize Wheel. This wheel is priced at 3,000 coins to claim. You invest a little more for the strong possibility that you’ll be in with the chance of winning 22,500 coins and Golden Tickets to be used in the Monthly Tournaments. If you hit the right part of the wheel, you will be upgraded to the Legendary Prize Wheel. 

Legendary Prize Wheel

The Legendary Prize Wheel is the most powerful since it can award you up to 45,000 coins when you land on it based on an upgrade from the Epic Prize Wheel. There is a higher chance of winning exclusive Tournament tickets, cash prizes, and much more.

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